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A Spiritual Program
for the Famished Soul

From Sri Paul

I'd like to get in touch with you about this way of life and what it has to offer in the way of spiritual guidance and growth.


I'll send short written messages and audio files once or twice per week to help clarify your perception of the Ancient Science of Dhunami.

Piloji 6-4-21_edited_edited.png

If after that time you find a desire to gain a greater understanding and experience, I'll send you a free introductory book to absorb at your own pace. Finally, you'll be offered the opportunity to become a Dhunami subscriber. You'll gain access to the first of four privileged Discourses in addition to ongoing monthly letters and recordings. The material contains revelatory information in the form of vibrationally charged words that both uplift and provide the spiritual tools to help expand your inner awareness. You've lived many lifetimes while gaining valuable wisdom during the course of paying negative karma and collecting the positive karma you've been owed. The opportunity of having those age old records resolved, freeing yourself from compulsory reincarnation, exploring the beauties of the worlds beyond and realizing your place within them is now before you. Please use the contact form below to indicate your interest. May the Blessings Be! Paulji

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