A Spiritual Program for the Famished Soul

Photograph © 2020 Addy Marché

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A Mystical Journey through Time,

Space, Energy & Matter


You are Soul; an interminable, immortal spark of Sugmad created out of IT's Divine Cloth, the Dhun Spirit. You're here in this world to mature spiritually. Over eons of time you've gained vast amounts of experience, wisdom and enough positive karma to find yourself at the inner doorway where waits the Living Dhunami Master of the Time. He is the Chosen One here to offer you the direct spiritual opportunity to evolve in a state of consciousness by increasing your inner awareness. In his form as the Inner Master, Piloji, he carefully and precisely manages your journey, guiding, protecting and resolving karma while offering a steady flow of Divine Dhun Love. This higher form of Love gives comfort and succor to each precious Soul with whom he is bound in spiritual service. It's your turn to walk the Golden Highway known as Dhunami to final release from the ancient worldly binds. -Won't you take my hand?  -Paulji

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An individual Path

Go at Your Own Pace


Photograph © 2020

Addy Marché

All Rights Reserved

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Resolve Karma, Avoid Reincarnation

Become an Instrument for Sugmad

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Constant Inner Guidance

You're Never Alone


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