Meet the Dhunami Masters

Paulji & Addyji

Sri Paul accepted the responsibility of perpetuating Dhunami, the direct path to Sugmad as the Living Master of the Time in October of 2008 and his wife, Sri Addy stepped into Self-Mastery in December of that year. Together they carry on for their predecessors in this unbroken line of Spiritual Stalwarts. They have written books, newsletters, discourses, blog posts, produced live events and audio recordings. Between 2009 and 2011, both were enthused to interview and accept dictation from others in Dhunami Hierarchy of Masters & Saints. Through these 3 books, many former students of the direct path to Sugmad have been able to recognize the familiar qualities of Divine Love from their inner experiences with these Masters. The books have helped individuals inwardly recognize Paulji as the Living Master of the Time following the translation of Sri Darwin Gross. Whether you are a seeker or an experienced chela, the feeling of Divine Love presents Itself in the words of the Master; it is always your answer.


Sri Addy Marché

Adrienne was introduced to the Ancient Science of Dhunami at an early age, having been an apt student with an inquisitive spirit. However—like many aspiring souls—she had her doubts, reservations, and hesitations regarding the direct path to Sugmad. The turning point came at the tender age of fifteen, when an illness afflicted her digestion. One wrong diagnosis followed another; one ineffective treatment preceded the next; soon, Addy was a withering 70 pounds and unable to take in a glass of water. She was weak, and on the verge of hospitalization. Frustrated, desperate, and afraid, Adrienne begged whatever Divine Being might exist (she wasn’t sure she believed in God) to either fix the anomalous issue or mercifully relieve her from the burdensome body. She went to sleep, hoping not to wake…but wake she did and for the first time in several years, she rose to perform a spiritual exercise. It was during that short spiritual exercise that Addy had a subtle yet life-changing experience with the Inner Master, the Living Master of the Time, Sri DapRen. Though fleeting, the feeling of Divine Love had ignited her Soul and touched her imagination. Her body began to heal. Her mind accepted faith. Her spiritual journey had truly begun.


Sri Paul Marché

Paul was always precocious—garnering far more from the adults around him than they understood or intended. He was adventuresome, headstrong, and proverbially hungry. So when a college friend showed him a spiritual book claiming that one could ‘prove It to oneself,’ Paul set out to do just that. He read and practiced, absorbed and experimented. The writings of the Living Dhunami Masters, Darwin Gross and Paul Twitchell, became his bedside companions; the spiritual exercises, a regimen. He approached it as he had several other disciplines in his life: giving it the benefit of the doubt, a fair shot, and his full attention. Yet this spiritual program proved far more fulfilling than tennis lessons, music classes, or work-place accomplishments. His initial inward experiences were subtle: a wisp of blue light here, a faint but sweet high-pitched sound there. While some would have been unimpressed, Paul saw that these Masters were presenting a genuine Way of Life; he had used their system, and it had worked. With that simple knowingness as his foundation, Paul delved deeper and devoted more, culminating in his relocation from the shores of Lake Erie to Portland, Oregon, to immerse himself in service beside his initiating Master, Sri Darwin Gross.