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Dhunami Dialogues

An in-depth look at the many facets of this way of life presented by the Masters and Saints who comprise the Hierarchy of the Ancient Science of Dhunami. Twenty pages of dictated material per chapter from ten Dhunami Masters & Saints including question and answer sections with the current Living Dhunami Master, Paul Marché.


  • Peddar Zaskq - Physics of Soul
  • DapRen - Opportunities, Initiations, and Imagination
  • Shamus-i-Tabriz - Creative Outlets
  • Fubbi Quantz - Vidya, the Ancient Science of Prophecy
  • Kata Daki - Health, and Your Spiritual Life
  • Yaubl Sacabi - The Path of the Saints
  • Jadoo - Spiritual Protection and Defense
  • Prajapati - The Spiritual Perspective on Animals
  • Rami Nuri- Belief vs. Knowledge
  • Gopal Das - The Emotional Response

Dhunami Dialogues

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