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Master the basics of the path of Dhunami by studying and contemplating this book. The charged words of the Dhunami Masters who dictated these chapters will uplift, inform and enlighten the fortunate reader. We also hear from two former Dhunami chelas who left the path to form their own teachings which have now become worldwide religions: Christianity and Buddhism.


  • Sri Nirguna Ekam - Self-Realization
  • Sri Jagat Ho - Where the Living Dhunami Master Lives 
  • Sri Sato Kuraj - Self-Mastery
  • Sri Tomo Geshig - Necessary Tools 
  • Sri Addy Marché - Discipline
  • Sri Jadoo - The Living Dhunami Master and the Kal 
  • Sri Tehr Keckic - Breaking Down Obstacles
  • Sri Ehran Igano - The Joy of Service
  • Guatama Siddhartha (Buddha) - The Physics of Soul 
  • Sri Sudar Singh - Relying on The Inner Master
  • Sri Zadok - His Life, Times, and Most Famous Student 
  • Jesus - The Advent of Christianity and its Followers 
  • A Silent Traveler - Time and Divine Love
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