To find out if the Dhunami way of life is for you, please follow the next four steps beginning with requesting a copy of the Dhunami Brochure. It provides a cursory understanding of what this path has to offer and what is expected of a Dhunami chela. Take your time, contemplate what is written while looking for a subtle feeling of Divine Love in your heart. Divine Love is the foundation upon which all spiritual truths are realized.

The blue six-pointed star is the symbol of the presence of the Mahanta, the Living Dhunami Master. It may be seen on the inner screen of vision during one's spiritual exercise or with the eyes open. While it may appear in many colors it is most often seen in blue, white or gold. It may also be seen as a flash or a tiny spec of color. Those who have this experience are well blessed and can be assured that the Inner Master is already guiding them to the next step.

When you are ready for a more detailed understanding please request a copy of the Q&A Booklet. It will help with most common questions but feel free to contact us with additional inquiries.

If you wish to continue your exploration of Dhunami after contemplating the Q&A booklet, purchase one of the introductory books available in the ShoppePeddar this moment is a wonderful place to begin. This book will guide you to a clearer, deeper awareness. 

The words of the Dhunami Masters derive from the Temples of Golden Wisdom which are located on the many planes of existence such as the causal plane temple pictured above. The Living Dhunami Master guides and protects the chela in his radiant form as the inner Master. He escorts that Soul to meet the Guardians of the various temples who teach the golden wisdom from the books of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad (Sha-ree-aht-kee-Soog-mahd), which means the Way of the Eternal.

Schedule a time to speak with Sri Paul about being accepted as a Dhunami chela. This is an important step in one's life. A reciprocal spiritual responsibility will be created which should not be taken lightly. Be prepared to let go of other spiritual teachings and practices and commit to making a sincere effort at the daily spiritual exercises. The Dhunami techniques are the basis of this way of life; the keys to all inner experience and growth in awareness. 
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