The IN-SIGHT Letters will assist you in opening your inner sight and sound faculties thereby proving all spiritual truths to yourself. These missives are the authentic seeds of Sugmad passed from Master to student, from Soul to Soul. Using these word-vibrations in a positive way will help you develop balance, wisdom and contentment in your life. The daily exercises offered herein will lead to inner experience under the guidance and protection of the Inner Master, Piloji, who is as close as your heartbeat.  
-I am Alway with you!

By Paul Marché 06 Mar, 2017
As has been mentioned in this series, dreams are reality rather than illusory imaginings. When you find yourself inside your imagination you are experiencing either a glimpse of Soul or one of your psychic bodies, i.e, etheric, mental, causal or astral. If you are a Dhunami chela and you find yourself momentarily inside the imaginative faculties, it is often the case that the Inner Master is drawing your attention to something. This is the way the Master works with your waking state and so-called ‘day dreams’ to communicate with you.

The use of the word dreams isn’t entirely accurate in our review of their importance in your spiritual life. Due to the modern dilutions, misinterpretations and popular usages of words, dreams have become a synonym for illusion, fantasy or even scientific explanations having to do with an evening meal. However, throughout most of history, dreaming, whether day or night, was upheld as a valid, respected, sacred and even practical aspect of life.

Non-verbal communication between people at a distance was commonplace when no other means was readily available except a messenger of some sort. Individuals were taught to develop their spiritual communication faculties from birth for survival if nothing else. Families, spouses, siblings, friends and even battlefield commanders shared a certain knowingness between themselves as the natural state of human affairs. They looked to their hearts and those of others for information and truth. Some even used out of body movement to observe the enemy’s position or a loved one’s location. You have had this training too during the course of your past lives. All are well qualified and capable just untrained and often undisciplined.

Today we have the glorification of the mundane on the one hand and a fascination with technology on the other. Spending too much time on either nails your attention to the physical plane like a tack in the carpet. Those who might otherwise dare to dream beyond their station in life are beset with a gross disadvantage from birth these days while those who may already claim spiritual abilities are relegated to the ranks of mental instability or used as entertainment for hire without further consideration. These harsh ascriptions affect your consciousness absent the courage of your convictions whether they are admitted to by the accusers or merely held in thought. They are part of the conditioning of your consciousness that must be faced and dissolved to progress on the direct path to Sugmad.

As you may begin to realize, many barriers to inner communication with the Dhun Spirit (Inner Master) lie between your ears! Deeply held beliefs are the main thing precluding the possibility of telepathic and/or Soul to Soul communication. The belief that someone is simply born with inner communication abilities or develops them through some physical or psychic alteration (illness, injury, drugs, revelation, etc.) is also a barrier to opening your consciousness. The phrases, ‘well, I just don’t have these inner abilities’ or ‘I am unaware of my inner communication’ come to mind in describing this sort of attitude.

Catching yourself using negative inner speech which proclaims that you are incapable of anything should be your goal throughout the day. When you see these limiting thoughts and feelings pop up, ask Piloji for help in identifying their source and surrendering them into the stream of Dhun Spirit. Consciously surrendering your ego’s lack of confidence, assumptions and sensitivities about your spiritual ability to have inner dialogues with the Master will assist me in helping you open your sight and sound faculties whether the body is awake or asleep.

In order to assist you in breaking down inner barriers and helping you to release sensitivities to the judgments of others, I’ll begin using a more direct word to describe the concept of dream communication — that word is dialogue. So, now you have the terms ‘Day Dialogues’ and ‘Night Dialogues’ to help bring reality to your interpretation, understanding and experience of the word dream. Your inner dialogues represent your continual opportunity to communicate with the Living Dhunami Master.

A Day Dialogue is a brief venture inside your imaginative faculty during the waking state. This occurs when using the imagination (etheric body) as an impetus to gain entry to a higher vibrational state in order to communicate with the Inner Master. It’s like flipping a light switch; place your attention upon the inner or outer picture of Piloji. He always stands ready to assist you during your daily life in every moment. He will arrange circumstances for you to experience something about your consciousness that will expose a practice of the ego that is no longer needed. He will warn you about a problem or danger you may be facing in the moment, or he will offer you encouragement in the form of a flow of Divine Love in your heart, to name a few. Part of my inner work is to assist you in becoming aware of these communiqués by teaching you how to join me in a reciprocal spiritual relationship.

A Night Dialogue (especially for the Dhuni) is an extended journey into the higher worlds of being in the company of Piloji, the Inner Master. During sleep, when asked, the Inner Master typically meets you in a pleasant area of the astral plane for the purpose of making himself known to you. He may take you to a Wisdom Temple for instruction; assist you in working out karmic debts and credits; initiate you into a higher plane or to show you something about your ego (personality systems) that you’re ready to begin to surrender to him. There are other reasons for contact with the Inner Master which I’ll let you discover for yourself!

Now, the inner eyes and ears need exercise; they are composed of the same cells and atoms as their physical body counterparts. There is barely any difference between the physical and astral bodies; only belief limits your awareness. In order to begin to peer into this plane and the higher planes beyond, exercise is required along with acceptance of your innate spiritual abilities. Getting a glimpse into a higher world and/or of the Inner Master in the waking state is the swiftest way to motivate you to carry on with your spiritual disciplines and service.

This spiritual exercise is not as easy or immediately uplifting to the emotional and spiritual states, but it is eminently useful. It’s one I began using many years ago with exceptional results. Some will recall a variation of this exercise in the book, Key to Secret Worlds. Use it in the evening before sleep when you can be in a quiet room with dim lighting.

Lie on your back on the couch or the bed and place a brightly colored disk of orange, blue or yellow (any bright color you like) on your forehead between your eyebrows. When I first used this exercise, ‘Tiddlywinks’ were readily available and that’s what I used. I’ve also wrapped a large coin in a piece of colored tissue or regular construction paper. You’ll enjoy selecting and building your spiritual device; consider it part of the exercise.

With your bright object in place, simply stare up at it without blinking while slowly counting to 30. After that, close your eyes and relax while counting to 30 again. The colors and dots you’ll see jumping and racing around, whether your eyes are opened or closed, are tiny particles of the Dhun Spirit. They are evidence that your exercise is stimulating the spiritual and physical muscles associated with the tisra til (third eye) whose human counterpart is the pineal gland. Use this exercise three times and go to sleep or transition into your regular spiritual exercise if evening is your chosen time.

As you continue to use this excellent exercise, you’ll find that you can increase the time by a count of 10 or 15. I don’t recommend using it for more than a count of 90. The exercise will be a strain on your eyes at first. They will cross and you’ll feel muscles that probably haven’t been used for awhile. but in the long run it is an outstanding way to help both your physical and spiritual eyesight. You’ll get used to your eyes drying out a bit while practicing.

Regular use of this exercise will bring results. You’ll sleep more soundly and recall more of your day and night dialogues. You will become more aware of Piloji’s nearby helping hand as you are provided with spiritual services regardless of the hour. If you experience a slight headache the next day, be assured that it is the result of your third eye being opened.

It is my job to assist you in breaking down and dissolving all inner obstacles to the regular experience of your spiritual seeing and hearing faculties. Retraining your consciousness to accept the new definitions of day and night dialogues will assist me in my mission with your spiritual awakening. Our communication never stops dear ones. I am available to you at your request whether verbally, by thought or by thought-picture in every moment. I am there with you before the request can even be made. The sooner this eternal Truth is accepted into your consciousness in a positive way the sooner you will be counted among the chelas who see and hear the fact for themselves.

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By Paul Marché 28 Jan, 2017
Laying the body to rest each night should become a sweetly anticipated event for you. It is a time for rebalancing your psychic bodies (including the physical) and a grand spiritual opportunity to spend many hours exploring the inner planes of existence in the company of the Inner Master, Piloji. Awareness of these inner activities gradually grows upon your consciousness as the Inner Master begins to take responsibility for the management and resolution of your karmic circumstances.

It is the job of the Living Dhunami Master to gradually guide you to conscious awareness of the inner worlds and it is most often by way of the dream state that the individual has their first meeting with the Master. Some of you have had this experience before finding the path of Dhunami and the outer Master on the physical plane. You may also be introduced to the Living Dhunami Master by one of the other Dhunami Masters during your night dreams.

There are several Dhunami Masters whose job it is to inwardly prepare you to become a chela on the direct path to Sugmad. Sri Banjani works with potential chelas both in the physical body and in the dream state from his humble dwelling in the Gobi Desert region of Mongolia where he houses an introduction to this way of life. Sri Tehr Keckic, Sri Fubbi Quantz, Sri Yaubl Sacabi and Sri Rami Nuri may also assist you through your dreams as you prepare to accept this way of life in the waking state. Each of these great Dhunami Masters are Wisdom Temple Guardians who preserve and maintain the spiritual books known as the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. You can read and contemplate their dissertations in the books, Dhunami Dialogues I & II.

To make contact with the Inner Master through your dream states, use this simple exercise while laying in bed before sleep: Gaze at one of the photos of Sri Paul Marché for a few seconds, close your eyes and recall the image for a few more seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 times while asking the Master to visit with you during your dream experiences and to help you remember them upon awakening. Following this exercise, chant Piloji (peel-oh-jee) until you fall asleep. Repeating the name of the Master will draw a high vibration to your dream state paving the way to inner experience and protection while you are absent from the physical body. If you wake in the night you may wish to chant the Master’s name again until you return to one of the higher planes through sleep once more.

You will begin to notice several things by the use of this nightly exercise and the spiritually charged word Piloji. Sleep will come more swiftly along with a greater feeling of relaxation. Waking up from sleep will be more gradual and gentle. You will hear a more acute version of the sound current in your ears as you wake. You will begin to feel an opening in your heart center accompanied by a subtle feeling of Divine Love flowing into your head and out through your chest. Your dreams will become more vivid and you will remember more of what you saw and heard.

Keep a pen and paper or a journal by your bedside and write down whatever is remembered. Dreams may come in sequences or patterns with symbols occurring in more than one dream. Keeping a journal will help you realize a spiritual roadmap being presented by the Inner Master during your visits with him. A willingness to work with these subtle, humble beginnings of your spiritual growth process will lead to greater, more recognizable communications within.

When you are asleep you will often meet with Piloji who will escort you through the inner realms to the Golden Wisdom Temples where you may sometimes view the pages of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad for yourself. The Inner Master may also help you to balance out karma during the dream, thereby avoiding the necessity of going through a potentially negative experience or even an injury to the physical body. This unique spiritual service is a privilege offered to all Dhunami chelas who have earned the opportunity to live this way of life.

For the dream experience to be remembered upon waking it must pass through each state of awareness within your consciousness beginning with the sub-conscious, primal state. This is your imaginative faculty called the etheric body. From here the dream remembrance is passed on to your mental body. At this point awareness of the dream is often censored and limited by accepted morals and codes of behavior as well as quick assumptions as to the dream’s meaning. The mind, like a computer, uses the information that is stored within it to process the dream before it is passed on to the causal and astral areas while deciding what is acceptable and what is not.

This is why symbols are used by the Inner Master to bypass and fool this Censor, allowing the experience of Truth to be recalled upon waking. Yet it is up to you to remain open, to accept what you recall as useful and record it or to agree with the Censor and dismiss the vision as too odd or silly. Write down every detail and feeling about the dream as soon as possible. The Inner or Outer Master may then be consulted as to the meaning of such a dream and the symbols within it. In time you will learn to read and interpret your own dreams under the guidance of the Master, consciously receiving the wisdom contained within them.

During some dreams you may be aware that you are dreaming and if the Master does not appear to be present you can consciously invite the Master into the dream while asking for his guidance and protection. In the case of this kind of waking dream you may watch the Master at work within your inner temple as he clears space within your consciousness enabling you to become a greater vehicle for the flow of Divine Spirit.

Through the dream state you may also experience a clearer and more profound presence of the Master in his radiant form and feel the Divine Love which flows from him. Such a clear dream of the Master can be a great tool for contemplation and for practicing the presence of the Master in the waking state.

The next letter in this series will be about the significance of your day dreams and how to use them to consciously communicate with the Inner Master.

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By Paul Marché 12 Jan, 2017
With this letter I’ll begin a series on the dream state aspect of life and how it relates to your spiritual opportunities for growth on the path of Dhunami. Dreams are real and not just imaginations that the mind conjures up when the human body has been retired for the night! When you lay down to sleep it is true that the physical body rests, however, you ‘wake up’ in one of your other psychic bodies, usually the astral body, and become aware of another life that you are living concurrently with the human one. You may also become aware of your causal, mental, etheric and Soul bodies while asleep and eventually while you’re awake in the human body as well.

Your dream state is one of the prime tools that the Living Dhunami Master uses to assist you along in your spiritual journey on the direct path to Sugmad. Both day and night dreams are the natural continuation of your work with the daily spiritual and contemplative exercises. They become the most often used tool of the Living Master in bringing your spiritual desires for awareness to fruition. The Inner Master, Piloji helps open your consciousness to the sights and sounds of the higher realms of existence when the physical body is at rest.

Harnessing the power of your dreams can become the gateway to experiencing your other bodies, thereby proving this way of life to yourself, as I so often mention. The experience, however subtle at first, of being outside of your physical body is the beginning of the realization of your true immortal nature which is only Soul. It is through the process of dreaming (whether day or night) that your outer world is formed, shaped and realized in your physical life.

The coming and going of Soul, as well as your psychic bodies, is as natural as your breathing. You move, or travel outside and beyond your waking state of awareness often and you have done so since birth and during the course of many other lifetimes. What is taught and demonstrated in Dhunami are age old spiritual methods for becoming aware of your inner movements. It takes a positive effort, belief and trust on your part until you begin to have your own experiences. It takes a great willingness to become humble and follow the simple instructions that have been passed down from one Living Dhunami Master to the next since the beginning of time.

A vital key to the process of increasing and opening your awareness to your ongoing inner activities is the quality of appreciation. For example, if you are sitting for your spiritual exercise and you see a tiny spec of white light flit across your inner vision which is accompanied by a feeling of Divine Love in your heart, what would likely be your response? While most people would certainly be momentarily grateful and enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts, I would posit that a majority would say to themselves something like: ‘that was great but I want something greater!’ I know this to be true because I’ve said the same thing to myself in the past as a chela on this path and because of my work with each and every chela in my capacity as the Living Dhunami Master over the years.

On the one hand, you do need a level of spiritual desire for more experience but on the other hand if you become dissatisfied with what is already in your midst you’ll find a lack of response from the Divine Dhun Spirit on your behalf. Why, you may ask? Because the Dhun Spirit responds to the humble state of consciousness. One method many Living Masters have encouraged for demonstrating to Spirit the quality of humility is to maintain a dream journal. If you really want to see if this way of life is for you and if you really want to prove the truth of what I write to you, the devoted maintenance of a dream journal is most certainly prescribed.

As a chela, I wrote volumes in journal books through the years and it proved to be an invaluable tool in breaking down the barriers in my consciousness to the idea of separation between my waking and dreams states and to the activities of my many other bodies. Furthermore, recording my dream experiences facilitated hundreds of experiences with the Inner Master who was Sri Darwin Gross at the time. This is all I want for you dear ones; to assist in opening your latent spiritual abilities, to help you prove this way of life to yourself, and to walk the Royal Highway to spiritual freedom in this lifetime.

Regardless of how silly a dream may seem, write it down. When you have been accepted as a Dhunami chela, the Inner Master sees to it that the fabric of your dreams reveals Truth! They tell you where you stand spiritually, what obstacles you may face and how you and I are going to negotiate your next spiritual step and experience. If you don’t keep track of the gift of the Dhunami roadmap you’re being offered, the way can be more difficult than it need be. Each of the sights and sounds have meaning. There will be many symbols in your dreams that can be interpreted later on but be aware that there is an ocean of difference between a genuine spiritual review or what is known as a Vidya reading, and an assumption that you might make about what has be revealed to you. Vidya readings are given by the Inner Master, Piloji, and occasionally by the Outer Master, Sri Paul (or Sri Tammy). In either case you will certainly begin to receive them inwardly if you ask for them and if you will humbly follow the course now laid before you.

In review, dreams connect directly with an awareness of the existence of the inner planes, your many psychic bodies, the secret teachings of Dhunami and to conversations with the Inner Master. To see and hear Piloji on any plane is to connect and converse with Divine Spirit, the essence of SUGMAD. The Dhun Spirit is the creative current through which all is brought into manifestation and ITs face is always the current Living Master of the Time. It can be no other way because Sugmad continuously provides the opportunity of finding ITs direct path through ITs emissary.

The next letter in the Inner Door of Dreams series will go into more detail about the significance of your nighttime dream adventures and how to become more aware of them.

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By Paul Marché 15 Nov, 2016
This is the final installment of the Inner Doorway Series. In it, I’ll describe another Connectivity exercise that will be a little more advanced than what was described in the third letter in this series.

As you will recall the Connectivity exercises are generally designed to increase the flow of the positive side of the Dhun Sound Current through your consciousness by performing special physical exercise movements collected from the causal plane Wisdom Temple.

Today’s Connectivity example is called Core Magic. While the movements I’ll describe are simple, familiar ones, if done properly you will notice that a fair amount of effort will be required to complete the movement. Therefore, it is not necessary to try and do a large quantity of the exercise. I would recommend performing only 5 repetitions of Core Magic in the beginning.

As you’re executing the movements that I’ll describe remember that this is a spiritual exercise first. It is designed to assist you in focusing your attention upon the inner doorway that leads to an awareness of the presence of Piloji who never leaves your side. All inner communication begins with imagination. Imagination is a faculty your etheric body uses to create thought pictures. Couple those pictures with a feeling of Divine Love which can be recognized within when its constituents of gratitude and humility are felt within the heart center.

As with the basic walking exercise also described in the 3rd letter of this series, the Core Magic exercise will quickly help pull your consciousness out of any negative psychic loop that the little selves may be getting themselves into at any moment.

The basis of the Core Magic exercise is the familiar toe touching motion. This exercise will seem easy upon first reading but if done properly you’ll notice that many muscles come into play. A modified version of this exercise can be done while sitting in a chair if the motion is a little too taxing in the beginning.

Each movement should be done very slowly while imagining Piloji doing the exercise next to you on your right side. Please read and contemplate each action in the imagination as it is described before attempting to use this excellent spiritual tool:

Core Magic
1) Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart or sit upright in a comfortable chair with the feet flat on the floor.

2) Slowly raise your arms out in front of you with your palms downward and your fingers together. Continue to raise your arms until your fingers are pointing at the ceiling.

3) Slowly bend at the waist until your fingers are either touching or pointing at your toes. Don’t worry about being able to touch your toes or the floor in front of you. Your flexibility will improve as you use the exercise. If sitting, bend at the waist while keeping your arms above your head until your torso is parallel with your knees.

4) Pause for a few seconds in the downward position and take four medium breaths. Imagine each exhale releasing tensions in your psychic bodies. Begin with the mental body and work your way down through the causal, astral and end with the physical body. You will notice a marvelous relaxation upon completion of this process and an increase in the flow of Divine Dhun Love. This is the passive part of the movement. If sitting, let your arms drop down to your sides while using the tension release portion of the exercise.

5) Before you begin to return to a standing or upright position it is very important to raise your arms slightly before moving anything else. Do this until they’re parallel with your head. The image of this movement should be the same arm position used if you were diving into a swimming pool. If you don’t bring your arms up into this position you won’t get the full benefit of the exercise which is in part to tone the core or mid-section of your body. As you move your arms upward you'll notice a tightening of all of the muscles in your abdomen.

6) Very slowly begin to come up to a standing or upright position once more. If your arm position is correct you will feel your stomach muscles contract and tighten more and more from the upper groin to the lower rib cage. If this is not the sensation continue to adjust your arm position until it is so.

7) Repeat this sequence 5 times if possible or as many times as you can at first. I don’t recommend doing more than 5 repetitions in a day. You’ll notice a little soreness in many muscles besides your abdomen the next day.

I suggest using this exercise 3 or 4 times per week. Adding it to your Dhunami disciplines will bring spiritual results and it will help tone your human form with regular use. Once you become adept at this movement you can modify it by alternating the movement slightly to the left, then to the center and then to the right. Adding the side motions to this routine creates a new version of this spiritual exercise instigating the Dhun flow on ITs negative, neutral and positive sides for a full range of balance within your consciousness.

This is an exercise that is used during the Kaya Kalp rejuvenation program given by Sri Fubbi Quantz at the Katsupari Monastery in northern Tibet. It is part of the regimen undertaken by the Dhunami Masters who are required to continue to maintain a physical body for several hundred years or more. Dhunami chelas may participate in the Kaya Kalp as well, especially when it is deemed by the Living Dhunami Master that the individual has continued potential for spiritual growth and service that could be developed if the human body was properly cleansed and healed.

Rejuvenating and maintaining peak spiritual and physical health will create an easier road to the glories of Sugmad’s Heart. That is why the Living Masters have always taught a balance of proper nutrition and exercise as a staple in the Dhuni’s life. Sri Tammy and I have spent time working with individuals in these areas over the years and a fair amount has been written and revealed in the Master’s Newsletters on the subject. Herbs the Magic Healers, by Sri Paul Twitchell remains a staple of this way of life for learning and practicing the maintenance of a spiritually useful vessel for the Divine Spirit.

Core Magic will assist you in accomplishing the spiritual goals of single-pointedness of mind, recognizing the flow of all sides of the Dhun Spirit, and increasing your imaginative abilities through the practice of the presence of the Inner Master.

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By Paul Marché 21 Oct, 2016
As has been mentioned in earlier writings, a spiritual exercise is a method of opening your inner awareness capabilities; the spiritual eyes and ears. Using the exercises allows the Inner Master to assist you in opening chakras which are psychic openings in your consciousness. These openings lay dormant in their unused and unexercised states in many forms of life, yet they are often more dammed up in the human consciousness.

Instructions are given through the educational and religious systems which train your mind and imagination to eventually discount your innate spiritual awareness abilities often leading to a firm closure of these natural spiritual openings as an adult. It is for each of you who practices or who is considering practicing the Dhunami way of life to use these exercises to begin to dissolve these embedded notions which have been drilled into your consciousness.

Beginning to see and hear for yourself is the only way to dissolve these thought patterns and beliefs. Even if you haven’t been indoctrinated by worldly belief systems in this lifetime you can believe that you have been in past lifetimes. Those mind grooves are still present in your consciousness and until you allow the Inner Master to assist in working out and paying off those karmic debts the spiritual openings will remain stubborn about change.

Now, I want to describe an image tool exercise that will give you an alignment sequence for all of your many bodies. This tool should be used following your regular spiritual exercise to make the transition to Contemplation. Don’t take shortcuts! Be patient and follow these spiritual patterns as offered by Sugmad:

Following your seated spiritual exercise, become silent and imagine the current moment where no impressions of the past or future exist. This is the area outside of time, space, matter and energy. You dwell here quite naturally when you are just yourself, Soul. Soul is content and you are that! Soul is fully aware of all things, especially the presence of Piloji, the Inner Master. When you allow me to assist you in decluttering your consciousness during our special time together you will begin to hear and see the Truth of all existence within.

Next, place gentle attention upon your human form and recognize that it is sitting quietly and passively awaiting assistance from Piloji in properly aligning your astral/emotional body. Look at the emotional body and place it on the active side of the flow of Divine Spirit by offering a feeling of gratitude to the Inner Master for his constant presence.

The causal or action body is next. This alignment is to the passive or negative side meaning it is at rest mirroring the condition of the physical body. The restful state of the causal body provides the sensation of contentment and gentle happiness to the emotions. Now look at your mental body and place it on the passive, relaxed side of the flow of Dhun Spirit. This experience should be one of attentiveness. The mind waits upon the Inner Master’s guidance, instruction and advice. The mind should be seeking nothing at this stage and must draw upon the relaxation of the causal body and the gratitude of the astral body.

Now, combine the sensations of these bodies and activate your imagination or the etheric body which sits just above the mental processes who are patiently waiting for communication. Switch your etheric body to the positive side of the Dhun flow by taking the action of picturing the face of Piloji, the Inner Master. This should be done slowly at first while noticing the growing feeling of Divine Love within your heart center. The feeling of the higher forms of Divine Love are your first evidences of the presence of the Inner Master.

You have the power to align your psychic bodies in this fashion at any moment, another of Sugmad’s many gifts to Soul’s Dhunati which is another term for your consciousness. The Dhunami alignment sequence provides a direct, spiritual conduit to the voice within, the Sound Current, whose face is the Inner Master.

Contemplative Alignment Review:

1) Physical body - at rest - sitting quietly waiting upon the Inner Master.

2) Astral body - active - feeling gratitude for the guidance of the Inner Master.

3) Causal body - at rest - providing contentment to the emotions and calming the physical body.

4) Mental body - at rest - waiting upon guidance, advice and instruction from the Inner Master.

5) Etheric body - active - picturing the face of Piloji, the Inner Master.

Practicing this transitional spiritual exercise technique will help you recognize the natural alignment of all of your bodies when you are operating from the viewpoint of Soul. This is known as Soul awareness or Self-realization and it is an important spiritual goal for you on the direct path to Sugmad. However, in achieving this lofty spiritual step, and the many steps beyond the Soul plane or Atma Lok, it is important to be aware of your psychic bodies, their condition of balance and how they should be aligned in order to properly communicate at the Inner Temple.

I’ll be talking more about the alignment of the psychic bodies and their proper use in the upcoming Dhunami Phone Call series. The other two topics I’ll discuss in that phone call will be ‘Sympathy and Compassion’ and ‘Warm and Divine Love.’

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By Paul Marché 11 Oct, 2016
In this message I will introduce a variation of the simplified spiritual exercise techniques called ‘Connectivity.’ I will also write more about ‘True Contemplation’ by offering ways to make the transition from a spiritual exercise into the deeper form of inner communication.

Connectivity is a spiritual term for a series of simple physical exercises originally collected by Sri Peddar Zaskq from the Sakapori Wisdom Temple on the causal plane. These movements can easily be performed by most people and they begin with simply taking a long walk. The spiritual exercise associated with your walk is to imagine the Living Dhunami Master walking beside you. Focusing attention while taking a little exercise will provide results in both increasing the flow of Divine Spirit through your consciousness and training the imagination to practice the presence of the Inner Master who never leaves your side.

Physical activity automatically increases the rapidity and vibrational quality of the Dhun flow through your consciousness. Power and energy comes from Divine Spirit. You are Soul, created from Divine Spirit. Therefore, you are the natural conductor of Divine Spirit, the Essence of Sugmad. The power of the Dhun flow is available in the form of energy anytime you choose to activate it.

For example, when you activate your causal body (the action body) through physical activity, the positive side of the Dhun Spirit’s flow speeds up providing the physical energy required for the effort. The emotional, (astral body) feels better, meaning your mood is improved. The mental body begins to relax as attention is placed upon executing the movements involved with exercise.

Activating the positive side of the flow of Divine Spirit through your consciousness naturally uplifts, motivates and helps cleanse the other psychic bodies (including the physical body). Stimulating the positive side of the Dhun flow by your own volition is one of the easiest ways to ‘Help Yourself with Spirit,’ which is the title of one of Sri Darwin Gross’ audio tapes. Send a message to the Dhunami Office to receive a free copy of this marvelous recording.

Remember your ability to increase the positive flow of Dhun Spirit when your little selves occasionally wish to take your attention too far into the negative states. Just get up and go for a walk while placing your attention upon the Inner Master. This is as legitimate a spiritual exercise as any! In Dhunami, you are taught to take action in the life of your spiritual growth while balancing those actions with deeper forms of relaxation and contemplation.

Using the flow of Divine Dhun Spirit through your consciousness for your spiritual growth rather than using IT to gain the desires of the ego is part of the discipline of this way of life. Another discipline is the avoidance of extremes of both emotion and activity while turning all things over to the Inner Master for management and resolution. The more you can leave all matters in your life in the hands of the Inner Master/Divine Spirit, the more balanced, relaxed and spiritually efficient you will become which leads to exemplary gains in spiritual awareness.

More awareness means more visions of the presence of the Inner Master in your life which leads to miraculous changes in your ability to see and hear within. Consciously collecting advice from the Inner Master in all areas of life and spiritual growth demonstrates great spiritual desire. As you carry on with a little discipline in these aspects of life and spirituality, the ego, or personality systems will be gradually reduced by the efforts of the Living Dhunami Master, in his form as the Inner Master. Without so many working parts of the ego, life and spiritual growth can become a joy to behold.

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By Paul Marché 16 Sep, 2016
This message will continue the simplified spiritual exercise series. It will also introduce the second of the four Dhunami principles, TRUE CONTEMPLATION of the works.

To review, I am suggesting that you begin to experiment with a ‘pre-spiritual exercise’ as a means of calming the psychic bodies, particularly the mental and emotional functions. Most of these exercises may be done with the eyes open while viewing a photo of the Master or one of the pictures from our photo archives.

Today’s picture was discovered in one of the Columbia Gorge forests of Oregon. The vibration of many of those places are of a higher nature that more closely represents that of the causal plane which mirrors the Soul plane in many regards. The causal body is a buffer between the emotional ups and downs of the astral plane and the paradoxes of the mental plane.

Although the causal body is one of action, its balance is the resting state which can be consciously used as a rest point between the emotions and the mind. When in tune with this vibration the bodies above or below may have little influence within the consciousness. When the resting vibration is accessed, you can experience an inner calm and contentment akin to the detachment of the Soul body experience. Notice the foggy, grayish color of the atmosphere mixed with the browns and greens of nature. Grays and browns are the predominant colors of the causal plane, they represent neutrality and wisdom respectively.

In the Moment Exercise #2
While gazing at the photo, repeat these words aloud 3 times, then silently as you continue the exercise for a few minutes:

‘Piloji, help open my awareness to the causal plane of being which lies between the qualms of the emotions and the churning of the mind. When I experience my causal body, all other bodies are at rest. In this state of awareness nothing can sway me from your Divine Love and the experience of my own. I feel nothing but detachment and contentment of mind and heart. This is the causal plane which mirrors the experience of the Soul plane. While here, I can see and hear your guidance more clearly and from here you will escort me to spiritual freedom and service to Sugmad.’

True Contemplation is the natural progression of the spiritual exercises. It is a more receptive, communicative state of awareness than the spiritual exercises which are designed to help open the inner senses for viewing and listening. Contemplation will grow upon your consciousness as you continue to use the daily spiritual exercises. It allows you to experience deep relaxation which leads to greater awareness of Pilo Albrasso, the Inner Master who never leaves your side.

True contemplation of the Dhunami works refers to the written or spoken words of the Dhunami Masters. The Master’s message contains a subtle feeling of Divine Love which softly touches the heart when you become neutral and allow this experience. The Dhunami message flows directly from the heart of Sugmad via Divine Spirit to the Dhunami Wisdom Temples. The words are gifts of love and wisdom; they carry the vibration of the primal awareness issued forth from Sugmad which lays unrealized within you. By the true contemplation of the words in the presence of the Inner Master you allow him to unfold your awareness and receive the secret teachings of Dhunami.

The ability of contemplation is the gift of Sugmad bestowed upon the human state of consciousness. It is only in the human form that the abilities of all of the psychic bodies may be consciously directed towards the spiritual goals. The etheric body comes into play in the contemplative state. It is often called the unconscious, sub-conscious or primitive body. One of its function is to create picture forms which makes it the source of imagination and dreams. The etheric body is at the top of the mental plane acting as a buffer between the vibrations of the pure, positive Soul plane region (Atma Lok) and the mental body providing balance of mind. When employed in contemplation it becomes the primary tool for picturing the face of the Master, the inner worlds, the Wisdom Temples, etc.

Sri Darwin Gross (DapRen) spoke of contemplation as an opportunity to look at something from a 360 degree viewpoint which considers all sides of a matter. However, this is not a mental exercise! It is to allow yourself to become receptive and develop a willingness to accept guidance. In order to accomplish this contact it becomes necessary to patiently wait upon the Inner Master to offer advice or to 'tell forth' for the benefit of your spiritual unfolding.

Sri Paul Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq) presented a book called, ANITYA (AH-NĪ-YAH). Anitya means impermanence and ‘Nitya' (NĪ-YAH) means everlasting in the ancient Sanskrit language. To contemplate the concept of impermanence in the company of the Inner Master will eventually lead to the realization of yourself as Soul, God and the Master. By doing so, the Inner Master will break the illusion of the things that the little self clings to and tries to perpetuate in your life which create karmic debts and credits. Everything in the psychic worlds will ultimately betray you and pass into a new state on their own journeys of change which is the nature of the psychic planes. It is through the process of contemplation that the Inner Master may show you the Truth of what is impermanent and illusory within your consciousness and dissolve it on your behalf.

When something is asked of the Inner Master an answer may be forthcoming or not; it depends upon what is being asked. If too much concern is placed upon material affairs, the Inner Master will often remain silent for these questions come from the many personality systems or what is commonly called the ego consciousness. Divine Dhun Spirit is attracted to a genuine curiosity and love for what IT has to offer you in terms of spiritual growth and change in consciousness. These qualities are sometimes called the childlike nature in the Dhunami teachings. The innocent, humble qualities you exhibited in youth are still within and they will swiftly draw the Divine Spirit to express ITself to you and through you. The childlike nature is an expression of the Soul body and therefore a quality found in Dhunami. It is part of what intrigued you about this way of life in the first place. Do you see?

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By Paul Marché 01 Sep, 2016
With this post I’ll begin presenting a series of Dhunami messages built upon the basic tenets of the direct path to Sugmad. Whether you are new to the path or have been involved for some time I know that you will benefit spiritually.

The Inner Doorway Series will be about the daily spiritual exercises and how to successfully incorporate them into your life. With each post I’ll offer one new, simplified exercise. They will be conducive to rapidly achieving a more relaxed state of consciousness. Most of these techniques may be done anywhere when you have the time and desire more balance or contentment. They will help open your attention to the flow of Divine Love which is continuously available at your inner temple.

The inner temple is the seat of Soul, where you dwell in your natural, eternal form. It is contacted at a point between the eyebrows known as the third eye or tisra til in the ancient tongue. Looking into the spiritual eye while allowing a feeling of Divine Love to open within your heart center will eventually reveal the presence of Pilo Albrasso, the Inner Master.

There are parts of your consciousness that contain systems of the ego who hurry, worry and scurry throughout your daily life. This is a result of the faster paced times in which we live. This should not be taken as a reinforcement of any illusory lamentation of current worldly affairs but rather as an opportunity to step forth boldly to the positive side of the Dhun flow.

In the Moment Exercise
This is a simple but highly effective exercise that will calm the mind regardless of current circumstances. While sitting in a comfortable chair, gaze at one of the photos of the Master. Read the following words aloud 3 times, then repeat them to yourself while recognizing the flow of Divine Love emanating from the picture and from within your heart center:

"I consider this moment with heartfelt joy for within it I am Soul. I feel the contentment and relaxation of now. The next moment does not exist. Reflection upon the past is irrelevant and the future is in the hands of the Master in whom I put my faith, trust, devotion and spiritual desire. I exist beyond time, beyond space and beyond all impermanence. I am one with the Master and therefore one with the Divine Dhun Spirit, the essence of Sugmad. I am grateful for my place in existence for it makes me humble and worthy of this awareness. I am well loved and blessed."

The daily spiritual exercise is the foundation of the path of Dhunami. All of the outer works, whether books, CD’s or discourses are wonderful spiritual tools, however it is by the practice of the daily spiritual exercise that we choose to plant our feet upon the path of Dhunami, the direct path to SUGMAD. The more you practice the spiritual exercise while experiencing the relaxation, contentment and Divine Love that is available, the easier it becomes to settle down to do an exercise every day for it becomes a greatly anticipated sacred moment.

If you find some success in relaxing the mind using the simplified techniques you may wish to try one of the more traditional contemplative exercises. The following is the basic Dhunami method of going within and contacting the Inner Master:

Easy Way Technique
Choose a place which is quiet and where you can be alone and undisturbed. Sit with the back straight in a comfortable chair. Place your feet flat upon the floor or sit on the floor with your legs crossed and your back against a wall. Let the hands lay in the lap and hold the head up straight.

Relax, there is no hurry, take one or two deep gentle breaths. Close your eyes and with an open mind and heart, place the attention upon the spot between the eyebrows; gaze gently and sweetly at the blank screen. Now start to chant your chosen word. If you are not being overheard chant the word out loud, or it may be chanted within. You may chant the word HU (an ancient name for God), pronounced HUGH. You may also choose one of the Dhunami Masters names, for example PILO (Pee-loh) or PILOJI (Pee-loh-jee). If you are an initiate you may use your secret word or the name of one of the spiritual planes.

Chant the word 5 or 6 times and then wait. Take a few more deep breaths and chant the word 5/6 more times. This may be repeated 3 or 4 times, then listen and gaze at the blank screen. This exercise may be repeated for up to one half hour or longer if you are having an inner experience.

You may see a blue, yellow or white light, in a pinpoint or as a flash or star. You may hear the sound as a humming or buzzing, or one of the sounds described in the written works such as thunder, the roar of the ocean, the tinkling of bells or the sound of a flute. Your experience may be a feeling of contentment along with the flow of Divine Love.

The Dhunami chela is not asked to blindly believe but to be bold and adventurous in order that they may have their own experience and knowingness. When done daily, the spiritual exercises will begin to form the spiritual foundation of your existence. The Inner Master is always waiting in his radiant body to guide you to experience of who you really are: Soul. You are only Soul, created out of the Sound Current, the Divine Dhun Spirit, the essence of Sugmad.

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