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Paulji talks about what it means to be a Dhuni

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Sri Paul Marché became the 973rd Living Dhunami Master on October 22, 2008. He succeeded Sri Darwin Gross who served tirelessly in the job for 37 years. Paulji gave up home and business when called upon to relocate to Portland, Oregon in late 2005 to serve his lifelong Spiritual Guide. He quickly became the prime candidate to replace Darji in the age old Order of Dhunami Masters and Saints. During the course of the next two years Paulji slept little, managed the office work, provided for his Master’s daily needs, and achieved the 12th initiation in October of 2006. Sri Paul accepted another two years of training before taking the Rod of Power. He carries on the unbroken line of Living Masters who exist to serve those worthy Souls who have earned the opportunity to be guided out of the morass of the lower worlds and gain true spiritual freedom in existence.


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