Dhunami is a way of life for people around the world. The purpose of Dhunami is to assist you in connecting and conversing with the Divine Spirit in order to establish a reciprocal relationship with IT. Unfolding that connection is accomplished by the practice of unique, daily spiritual exercises offered with the guidance, protection and Divine Love that flows from the inner and outer Master.
Making the spiritual exercises a way of life leads to the realization and experience of your existence in eternity as immortal Soul, your natural, indestructible body. There is no need to wait until the death, or 'translation' of the human body in order to experience the heavenly states of being.

For the individual who comes to the path with an open mind and heart there is no limitation to the changes in consciousness and expanded awareness available. The subtle flow of Divine Love will begin to establish itself within your heart center offering spiritual guidance in all areas of life. 


The Dhunami books, discourses, newsletters and photos are the keys to secret worlds that already exist within each consciousness. For the seeker of Truth who has the ears to hear and the eyes to see what is before them, to read and contemplate the written works of Dhunami can be an inspired privilege; they form the spiritual foundation of the Dhunami way of life. 

The Dhunami writings are tools that guide the attention to the Inner Temple where the Radiant Form of the Living Dhunami Master waits to assist in opening your awareness to the secret teachings. These vibrational truths flow directly from the heart of Sugmad (Soog-mahd) to the Dhunami Wisdom Temples located on the many planes of existence which now begin to become more accessible to the Dhunami chela (student).

The Dhunami works help raise one's consciousness to the sights and sounds of the dwelling place of the true self, the immortal Soul. They include the original, unedited works of Sri Paul Twitchell and Sri Darwin Gross. These two former Living Dhunami Masters were the 971st and 972nd in this unbroken lineage respectively.

Sri Paul Marché (Pilo Albrasso) is the 973rd Living Dhunami Master in an unbroken line of teaching Masters. He accepted the position on October 22, 2008 from Sri Darwin Gross, who succeeded Sri Paul Twitchell and the list goes on.

Dhunami, the direct path to Sugmad flows through the Living Dhunami Master, he is ITS chosen vehicle, the latest of a line of Living Masters down through history who have kept the teachings of Dhunami pure and intact. He is the Vi-Guru or Light Giver. He is  the holder of the Rod of Power, a great concentration of Divine Love that is used for the benefit of the Dhunami chela’s spiritual growth. It is used to guide, protect, initiate and to light the inner path while the Dhunami chela experiences higher forms of both the Divine Dhun Spirit and his or her consciousness.

There is only one Living Master of the time. Therefore it is important that the seeker takes care in identifying this man. He is the living example and "way shower" whose job is to collect up those who are ready and guide them toward spiritual liberation from karma  and reincarnation in this lifetime. The Living Dhunami Master does not ask to be accepted merely upon faith or trust. He instructs the individual in the discipline of the daily spiritual exercises that they may have their own spiritual experience as to his authenticity.

Sri Paul & Addy Marché are the Dhunami Masters who perpetuate the direct path to Sugmad. They serve those who are interested in living this way of life by teaching and demonstrating the existence of Sugmad dwelling within the human heart; something that  all Living Dhunami Masters have done since the beginning of time. They are the examples of the three general spiritual goals of the Dhunami way of life which are Self-Realization, God-Realization and Self-Mastery. 

Dhunami teaches you how to experience the reality of the heavenly states while still living in the physical body. Living the Dhunami way of life is not easy and it is not for everyone, it is for those who are bold and adventurous. Meeting the Living Dhunami Master is the beginning of the spiritual journey home.
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