About Us

Dhunami provides a spiritual education about the direct path to Sugmad (God). We deliver books, discourses, brochures, and recorded materials designed to teach and demonstrate the ancient spiritual methods offered by the Hierarchy of Dhunami Masters through the current Living Dhunami Master. These are the pure, positive vibrations which flow from the heart of Sugmad sustaining and perpetuating all life. Dhunami is the genuine continuation of the direct path to Sugmad which supersedes all other religious and spiritual paths including Eckankar and ATOM, Ancient Teachings of the Masters. The direct path to Sugmad exists and thrives through the current Living Dhunami Master; he is the path. There is only one man who occupies this position at a time. The true seeker learns to prove this spiritual truth by the daily use of the Dhunami spiritual exercises when one has been chosen to live this way of life.
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