*Dhunami is the source of both science and spirituality. Divine Love, Wisdom, Power, Freedom via your own experiences in eternity are the beneficial results of immersing yourself in this way of life. For the chosen one, nothing is held back, and nothing need be accepted entirely upon faith. This is your spiritual opportunity to explore a singular, direct way of life perpetually provided by *Sugmad to help guide you out of the morass of this world and into spiritual states of consciousness which may never be fully described, only experienced.

Dhunami's origin can be traced back through recorded history and beyond that to the beginning of this planet and others.  It could be said that Dhunami had no beginning for it's essence is simply Sugmad's Voice, commonly known as Divine Spirit, which has always existed in each moment.  Divine Spirit, called the Dhun or Shabda Dhun by the Hierarchy of Dhunami Masters, is the spiritual fabric; palpable, audible and visual, that issues forth from Sugmad's Heart, out of which all Souls, and therefore all life are created.

Dhunami is the study, practice and experience of connecting and conversing with the Dhun.  It is the original method given out by the Dhunami Masters which offers the opportunity to trace the threads of Spirit back to their origin within the Heart of Sugmad.  By the path of Dhunami, one is taught the direct way to experience Soul, one's natural, eternal form. From there the *chela may choose to continue on to the God-consciousness states, which is to experience Sugmad dwelling within one's heart, followed by entry into Self-Mastery. 

Dhunami has been called by many names, yet it has always been presented in it's original form in every major civilization, language and culture down through time due to the continuous presence of the Living Dhunami Master. Through this man's many spiritual bodies proceeds the purest part of the Divine Dhun Spirit Flow.  The Master does not direct the Flow, but merely allows IT to pass through, implementing Divine Will for each Soul who comes to him for spiritual services.  By virtue of his initiatory powers he directly links chelas to the Divine Dhun, providing the opportunity to develop an awareness of the Inner Master, and the inner worlds of existence.

Once initiated, sincere chelas may continue to uncover their natural inner seeing and hearing capabilities by the use of special spiritual exercises tailored for each stage of one's unfoldment. By these daily practices the chela will begin a spiritual relationship with the Inner Master who will escort the individual through the many levels of heaven, providing guidance, protection, and the spiritual enlightenment that comes from frequent visits to the Dhunami Wisdom Temples located within the many levels of heaven.  As the chela develops, the illusion of life and death begin to dissolve, the timeless nature of Soul is discovered, and the chela is spiritually transfigured.

*DHUNAMI: a blend of two words:  Dhun or Divine Spirit; the essence that gives life to all; Anami - the World of the Supreme Being, the Sugmad, the very heart and core of all life and existence; the source of HU

*SUGMAD:  God; the fathomless, unapproachable Source of Divine Dhun Spirit, and therefore all creation and life.

*CHELA: The student who travels the path of Dhunami.  Also known as the Dhuni (doo-nee).
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