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April 2016 Tampa Florida Event Reviews

  • ​​​The power and love shared by the Master during this event are not easily put into words, but were felt so strongly during this weekend and since then.  The tools provided, the spiritual exercise techniques, and the meetings with the Master were invaluable, and I feel I have been given a boost in my understanding and my progress.  Thanks are most inadequate for what is so profoundly experienced.  Sheer gratitude...

  • The experience of the above event remains with me still.  The Satsang, "The Confines of Passion" is a true blessing and will be treated as such.  The imagery of the morning glory is a powerful one, and one is immediately drawn to that divine essence within. ​ To be in the physical presence of the Master and to recognize and feel the divine light that shone forth resonates still within the heart.  No words can express the gratitude felt.  Please give Dhun Love to Sri Tammy;  our brief encounter in the lobby was a beautiful surprise.


  • ​With gratitude for the Tampa Dhunami Event. The spiritual opportunities presented to the individual through the presence of the Living Dhunami Master ​​are a gift of Divine Love beyond limitation.

  • In one of Sri Paul Twitchell's books it's said that a miracle is a changed consciousness or something close to this. I am a new man and it's because of your constant assistance and love. I can only say thank you by continuing to grow and giving more and more service.

  • During the weekend at Tampa there was for me an expanded awareness of what the term ”know thyself” signifies, on many levels. ​I am grateful for your presence. 

  • The one day event in Tampa was outstanding and satisfying.  Small groups of chelas rotated through three presentations including one with Sri Paul Marché. Every chela was given an opportunity to ask questions and intreract, briefly, with Pilo.  What a blessing!

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The Many Wonders...

...of this world are only minor reflections of the beauties of the worlds beyond.  The path of Dhunami proposes to teach and show the individual how to open his or her consciousness to the sights and sounds of greater awareness. 

Paul Marché (Pilo Albrasso) is the 973rd Living Dhunami Master in an unbroken line of teaching Masters.  He accepted the position on October 22, 2008 from Sri Darwin Gross who succeeded Sri Paul Twitchell and the list goes on.  The Living Dhunami Master is also known as the Vi-Guru or Light Giver; the Holder of the Rod of Power.

Sri Paul Marché​

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