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Sri Paul Marché  is the 973rd Living Dhunami Master.  He developed into Self-Mastery under the spiritual guidance and protection of Sri Darwin Gross, the 972nd Living Dhunami Master, whom he succeeded in the unbroken line of the direct path to Sugmad (God).  Sri Paul accepted the Rod of Power on October 22, 2008 at a ceremony in the Valley of Tirmir in northern Tibet in the Soul body.  

From Sri Paul:   "Dhunami is a way of life presenting the spiritual opportunity to experience the Light and Sound of the worlds beyond this physical relam which occupies the majority of most individual's attention.  It is the way back to Sugmad, or God, from which all Souls and all life have been created.​

"The Living Dhunami Master of the Time is the Sole Spiritual Guide and Teacher charged with the responsibility of gathering up Souls who are ready to return to their true home in the upper atmosphere or what has often been called the pure, positive God Worlds.

"When the true seeker of God is ready, the Master appears!  This is your opportun-ity to partake of a direct connection to the Divine Dhun Spirit provided by and through the Living Dhunami Master of the Time."  

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